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ICC Note: A 35-year-old Christian in Pakistan, Vicky Masih, was killed by Muslim acquaintances after quarreling over an outstanding debt. According to testimony from Masih’s family, a Muslim acquaintance shot Masih in the stomach after being asked to pay back a debt owed to the Christian. Anti-Christian discrimination is widespread in Pakistan and can often lead to violent clashes between religious communities.

08/27/2018 Pakistan (Asia News) – A 35-year-old Christian was killed in Lahore by Muslim acquaintances on the day of his wedding anniversary. His name was Vicky Masih and he was the son of Saleem Masih. Together with his wife and three children (the oldest only six), he lived in Marzi Pura and attended the Galeeli Church in Lahore. For ten years he worked as a courier at the high court of the city.

Speaking to Asia News Iftikhar Saleem, the victim’s younger brother, said, “The future of his children is forever ruined by these inhuman culprits. We will never forgive them.” The family blames the police for delayed investigation.

The murder took place on August 16. According to testimony, Vicky was celebrating his wedding anniversary when he received a phone call from some friends who invited him to one of their homes to give him a present. After the festivities ended, he joined them at an apartment not far from his home.

The family told the police that while he was in the company of these same friends, Vicky asked them to return a sum of money he had lent to them, but received a refusal in return. The claim for compensation triggered a discussion that soon degenerated into a violent clash.

During the quarrel Muhammad Abbas, one of those present, opened fire. With his stomach pierced by bullets, Vicky begged for mercy, but the group continued to beat him ignoring his cries of pain. Eventually the Christian was abandoned agonizing on the street and the guilty parties fled.

Some residents took the young father to the hospital, where he was declared dead. Police handed the body to doctors for post-mortem investigations. They then registered the case against Muhammad Abbas, Muhammad Fahad, Muhammad Ilya and two other unknown men who fled.

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