US Congress Urges India’s PM to Condemn Attacks on Christians

 ICC Note:  Several members of the U.S. Congress are trying to advocate for religious minority groups in India, primarily Christians, who are victims of violent attacks by Hindu radicals. The objective is to pressure the Indian government to implement proper legal measures that hold the criminals persecuting Christians accountable for their attacks.

8/13/2018 India (Christian Post) – U.S. Congress members are calling on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to hold his party accountable and oppose violent attacks on Christians and other minorities.

International Christian Concern shared on Friday with The Christian Post a previously unreleased copy of a bipartisan congressional letter sent to Modi, which pleads for the protection of the persecuted minorities.

“Our hope is to apply significant pressure on Prime Minister Modi regarding the persecution of Christians and religious minorities in India. We hope that this letter, alongside other efforts, will pressure the Indian government to move beyond the recognition of the fact that persecution of religious minorities in India exists, and take concrete steps to end the persecution of religious minorities,” ICC Advocacy Director Matias Perttula told CP.

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