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ICC Note: The harshness of living under Iran’s Islamic Regime has led many citizens to be disillusioned with Islam. As a result, they are increasingly turning towards Christianity for answers. The living situation in Iran has become more challenging within the last year, leading to protests that have continued for months. As the regime feels this pressure, they are increasingly targeting Christians, whom they view as a threat to national security. This increased persecution has, in turn, further opened the door for the Gospel.

08/02/2018 Iran (Mission Network News) –  Last week, a Twitter clash featuring all-caps and threats of war flared between American President Donald Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Then, in a complete reversal, Trump offered to meet with Rouhani without preconditions and discuss how to improve national relations. Iranian officials firmly rejected the offer.

Tensions have grown over the last several months between the US and Iran. When the US withdrew from the nuclear deal — which required Iran to curb its nuclear activities in exchange for lifting international sanctions — it threw international relations for a loop. Now, with the US sanctions reimposed, Iran’s economy is suffering.

While Iran is noticeably frustrated with the US government, Iran’s parliament is also displeased with Rouhani. According to Business Insider, Iranian lawmakers have summoned Rouhani to explain why he allowed the nation’s economy to decline, even while the nuclear deal was in place.

It is easy to focus on the players on the prominent, political stage in this conflict. However, there are millions of others who are deeply impacted by these interactions — the Iranian people.

David* with Heart4Iran says, “We hear from [Iranians] that things are kind of at an all-time low in Iran. They have no freedom to move. We have heard that flights from Iran to Europe are being canceled [and] that people don’t have any money because of the huge inflation that’s happening and the currency devaluation that is happening. People just aren’t able to afford daily life and so it’s a lot of pressure and a lot of stress.

“When the news of these tweets comes out or when things flare up, it just makes the situations worse inside the country and the people feel the pressure.”

There have been rumblings for a long time in the Iranian Revolution’s wake — a slow swelling of distrust and disillusionment. The people feel restricted by their government and failed by corrupted leaders.

However, the disappointment does not stop at Iran’s politics. David also says, “We look at it as kind of a trend that’s been going on for years now — that people are disillusioned with Islam.”

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