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ICC Note: New hope takes place within the Tembo community as they learn that the Bible is now translated in their language. Although the community has suffered with war and persecution for more than 20 years, it now rejoices for having its prayer answered.

08/01/2018 Democratic Republic of Congo (Breaking Christian News) – The Tembo people are literally dancing for joy after finally receiving the Bible in their native tongue thanks to a 21-year effort by Wycliffe Bible Translators. (Screengrab via CBN News)

It was a dangerous undertaking. This African tribe is situated deep in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they face nonstop violence and persecution.

“They experienced war and insecurity in their area for more than 20 years,” Jon Hampshire, Communications Coordinator for Wycliffe, told CBN News. “They’ve had to work with this threat on their welfare and the welfare of their families the entire time they were doing this translation.”

Hampshire and his wife Cindi have spent the last two decades working to bring the Gospel to the Congolese in their own language.

He says the Tembo people have faced displacement, deadly combat, ethnic and political unrest, and even a volcanic eruption that destroyed many homes.

“I would get emails from them saying ‘Today, we were doing translation work and the bullets were flying and we were hiding under out desks.’ Yet, these friends of ours persevered and continued working through these great challenges,” Hampshire said.

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