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ICC Note: Eritrea ranks second in the world with total number of Human Slaves. It is only behind North Korea, due to its large conscription into the military. Another four African countries make the top ten list.

07/24/2018 Eritrea (Christian Post) – North Korea has the most human slaves in the world, according to the 2018 Global Slavery Index, with research showing it is keeping over 2.6 million people in modern day slavery.

Among the nations in the top 10, most are some of the worst persecutors of Christians as well.

The 2018 Global Slavery Index, released last week by the Walk Free Foundation, which compiles statistics and engages in research aimed at ending human slavery, reported that one in every 10 North Korean citizens is forced to work under slavery conditions.

“As a United Nations. Commission of Inquiry has observed, violations of human rights in North Korea are not mere excesses of the state, they are an essential component of the political system,” the report noted.

The country with the second highest prevalence of modern slavery is the African nation of Eritrea, described as “a repressive regime that abuses its conscription system to hold its citizens in forced labor for decades.”

Rounding out the top 10 are Burundi, the Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Mauritania, South Sudan, Pakistan, Cambodia and Iran.

The analysis showed that although most of these nations are marked by conflict, displacement, and a lack of physical security, the conditions in North Korea, Eritrea, and Burundi stand out considering slavery is mostly imposed by the state.


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