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ICC Note: An Iraqi official has issued a warning that between 100-200 ISIS vehicles have been seen moving around Nineveh. This follows multiple news reports of ISIS regrouping and committing targeted acts of violence throughout Iraq. It was recently estimated that ISIS completely controls 75 villages south of the Nineveh Plains. It is unknown how many sleeper cells exist and there is no definite way of measuring the number of ISIS militants present in Nineveh. However, reports such as this further underscores the security concerns Christians face about returning to the Nineveh Plains.

07/24/2018 Iraq (Baghdad Post) – Member of Nineveh provincial council Khalaf al-Hadidi has warned of ISIS comeback to the Syrian-Iraqi border after reports indicated that the terrorists are regrouping around Nineveh.

“There are movements by the terrorists on the Syrian-Iraqi border especially areas of al-Baaj and al-Jazeera,” the official noted, warning the terror group may mount attacks there.

The officials cited eyewitnesses who said they had seen from 100 to 200 vehicles belonging to ISIS moving around Nineveh.

He called on the security services to act and thwart the attempts of those terrorists to resume terror activities.

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