Historic Church Damaged by Treasure Seekers

ICC Note: An Armenian church in Eastern Turkey has been badly damaged by treasure hunters, according to Mohabat News.  This kind of behavior is historically encouraged by the Turkish authorities, who committed a genocide against Armenians and continue to view them as second-class citizens. Turkey is the historic location of much of the New Testament, but sadly, today Turkey is predominately Islamic.

07/13/2018 Turkey (Mohabat News) –  According to Mohabat News, the irresponsibility and deliberate neglect of the Islamist authorities of the Turkish government is unaccountable to the historical works of Christians, and especially Armenians, in this country.

According to Arak, treasure hunters invaded an Armenian Armenian church near the village of Mazra, 13 kilometers from the city of Qaryas (Kars), east of Turkey.  Given the treasure of irreparable damage, it has come into being and has endangered it with complete destruction.

The upcoming news indicates that the treasure hunters and the ancient works have been digging under the main foundations of the church, and each one is likely to collapse.

Recalling that the Turkish authorities, in a passive encounter with such events, have, in practice, encouraged the destruction and destruction of these valuable Armenian culture and civilization by broadcasting this rumor that lies in the Armenian-Armenian monument in the western part of Armenia.

Turkey’s rulers after the Armenian genocide and their physical destruction in western Armenia (present-day Eastern Turkey), the land of their ancestors, have for centuries consistently pursued the cultural genocidal policy of their affairs as a state policy to eliminate any trace of them.

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