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ICC Note: As Iranians continue to gather on the streets in protest of the Islamic regime, Christian graffiti is spreading throughout a number of cities. The graffiti displays a simple message that is unique within Iran: God is love. The harsh living conditions imposed on the people by the regime has opened the door for the Gospel to spread, and many Christians are being increasingly bold about their faith. However, as discontent spreads through Iran, the regime is increasing its pressure on Christians. The regime views Christians as a threat to national security and will do all possible to keep the church underground.

07/02/2018 Iran (Mohabat) – Iranian people have been dealing with many economic challenges in the last few months. This has been putting a large portion of the population under pressure so that many are struggling to make ends meet. Additionally, Iran is going through a period of drought and is dealing with heavy air pollution in major cities. All of this is occurring while the government makes little to no effort to relieve Iranian citizens of their challenges.

People in many cities in the country have taken their protests to the streets in rallies to voice their protest. Iranian Christians have also been showing their support for their fellow citizens and country through prayer campaigns. Most of these prayer campaigns have been focused on asking God to liberate Iran and allow Christians to have freedom to practice and express their faith, in addition to praying for the economic and environmental challenges that face the country.

In the last few weeks, one of these campaigns, led by Pastor Rasoul Heydari has been calling on Iranian Christians to write the phrase “God is love” in Farsi on the walls of their city as an expression of their protest against the lack of freedom of religion. Pastor Heydari runs a Farsi Christian TV program called Everlasting Hope.

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