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ICC Note:  Local Muslims in a Tajikistan village refused to allow a Christian man, Mihrab, to bury his wife until he converted back to Islam. Both the husband and wife were from Muslim backgrounds before converting to Christianity which makes them a source of shame and “betrayers of Islam.” Mihrab was finally able to bury his wife after appealing to a government official for permission to bury his wife.    

06/28/2018 Tajikistan (World Watch Monitor) –  When an elderly Christian woman from a Muslim background died last week in a Tajikistan hospital, her husband Mihrab* and children – all of them Christians – organised a funeral ceremony and invited people from their church.

But Mihrab’s Muslim relatives also invited local Muslims, including a cleric, who demanded that Mihrab convert back to Islam, otherwise he would refuse to hold the ceremony and prevent them from burying the Christian woman in the local cemetery.

Mihrab responded that the pastor of her church could hold the ceremony, but the Muslims present vowed that they would not allow the woman’s body to be buried, saying Mihrab and her family were “betrayers of Islam”.

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