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ICC Note: The daughter of Iranian believers who are appealing lengthy jail sentences has presented her family’s case before the UN’s Human Rights Council. Her brother is also facing similar charges. Many Iranian believers have pointed out that as the regime feels increasingly pressured by a variety of factors, Christians are more often being targeted by the authorities who view them as a threat to national security. Prison sentences are reportedly getting longer and harsher for Iran’s Christians.

06/28/2018 Iran (World Watch Monitor) –   An Iranian Christian woman pleaded with the UN’s Human Rights Council today to urge Iran to overturn “false and baseless charges” imposed on her father, mother and brother.

Dabrina Bet-Tamraz’s parents and brother are appealing against lengthy jail sentences they have received for church-related activities. The appeal by her father, Victor Bet-Tamraz, against a ten-year prison sentence, was to be heard in Iran today.

In her message, which she read out to UNHRC officials in Geneva on behalf of the World Evangelical Alliance, she said her family members had been accused of “acting against national security and against the Iranian government by organising illegal gatherings, attending a seminary abroad and training church leaders and pastors to act as spies”. She added that she had been accused of similar offences.

But Dabrina, who is now based in Switzerland, said: “These accusations are false, and a grave injustice.”

She added that her family’s experience was not an isolated case. “There are many Iranian Christians today serving sentences for similar baseless accusations. This is wrong. And these court cases must stop,” she said.

“Iranian Christians are not terrorists, as my father said in his last court hearing, and I repeat: ‘We love our country. We pray for our authorities. We have no intentions against the government’.”

“The World Evangelical Alliance appeals to the Iranian government to stop prosecuting Christians under false and baseless charges, and to respect [the] freedom of religion or belief of its citizens.”

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