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06/27/2018 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Pastor David has dedicated his life to doing ministry in Peddamberpet, among the poverty-stricken and religiously hostile areas of the major city of Hyderabad, India. Initially, the church of approximately 60 worshipers met in a rented space near their community. Eventually, local Hindu radicals forced them out of the space that they were meeting in.

Pastor David, through his determination to serve the Lord and his community, decided to buy a plot of land. He built a shed there to use as a church meeting space. Since then, the community has had a reliable space to worship without the threat of a hostile landlord looming over them.

However, this presented another problem for Pastor David and his family. Knowing what he was doing, the group of Hindu radicals proceeded to force Pastor David’s family out of the rental home where they were living. In addition, they also contacted landlords throughout the community and warned them not to rent to him.

The family had no option but to move into the shed they built to be a church building, without any facilities, on the plot of purchased land. In March, Pastor David and his family moved into the church shed without running water or bathrooms. It was very uncomfortable for the family, but they persisted because of the strong call that Pastor David felt to do ministry in this part of the city.

Recently, International Christian Concern (ICC) came alongside Pastor David and his family to help renovate the shed to make it more comfortable. ICC was able to provide indoor plumbing, a bathroom, and other renovations.

“I never thought someone would come and give us the money for the renovations and build a bathroom, Pastor David said. “God has used ICC to bless us. Now I am encouraged of how God’s people responded to what we were going through and the pressures from the Hindu radicals.

I don’t have words to thank ICC for this critical help,” Pastor David continued. “The size of the assistance may be smaller in your eyes, but it is a miracle for me, my family, and the church. Thank you for standing with us.”

Having a suitable living situation has made a world of difference for Pastor David and his ministry. The poor conditions in which he was forced to live almost drove him away from the community where he desires to teach the Word of God.

Bathrooms may seem like a small commodity, but ICC has felt honored to provide a more sustainable, comfortable living space for this teacher of the Good News.

I was so discouraged and tired, and thought I will give up and leave this place,” said Pastor David. “I believe God has opened the way through ICC at the right time, so that the ongoing ministry shouldn’t suffer.

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