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ICC Note: Egypt’s Minister of the Interior has announced that he is reviving the position of human rights officers located within police stations. These officers are intended to show that the government takes human rights violations, including those against Christians, seriously. However, Egypt’s record speaks otherwise. Christians are often viewed by the authorities as the responsible party during times of sectarian violence, even though the evidence shows that Christians were the victims. Exactly how this new position will protect the human rights of Christians has yet to be discovered.   

06/26/2018 Egypt (Egypt Today) –   In his first video-conference since assuming position, new Minister of Interior Mohamed Tawfiq affirmed that the role of human rights officers at the police stations will be activated to provide the nationals, particularly people with disabilities and the elderly, with all the services they need.

In each police station, a human rights officer shall be present to check the civilians’ situations and to receive their complaints.

Tawfiq praised the police institution’s counter-terrorism efforts nationwide, amid the ongoing terrorist plots, which seeks to undermine the state.

“We had a long run of our war against terrorism, particularly through the national epic shared by the ministry’s bodies, shoulder to shoulder, with the Armed Forces in Sinai,” Tawfiq said.

The minister added that a periodic review of the security strategy is inevitable to cope with the latest developments in the region. The pre-emptive deterrence attacks should be intensified, so the security bodies should be more skilled in collecting and analyzing information in cooperation with “the concerned bodies” to dismantle the terrorist networks, he continued.

He praised the efforts exerted by the ministry’s Information and Crisis Management Center in continuous monitoring of the vital institutions, public areas, and roads.

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