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ICC Note: An Iranian believer who was arrested this past April has disappeared within the prison system, his health and judicial status unclear. It is however known that he has spent some time in solitary confinement. The first few months of imprisonment are a critical time, as the regime regularly tortures Christians in an effort to learn more about the house church movement. Christians are often charged with acting against national security and can serve years in prison.     

06/25/2018 Iran (Mohabat News) –  Mohammad Ali Yazaghi, a leader of the house church in Qaemshahr, was identified and arrested on April 31, 1397, on charges of holding a ritual ceremony and establishing a church chapel as well as holding a prayer ceremony, by Babolsar Province intelligence.

After serving 15 days of imprisonment in a solitary confinement cell without a formal verdict, he was transferred to Babylon’s “Matthew Kola” jail, and remains in prison.

After being detained by security guards, accurate information on his health and well-being has not been provided.

“Mohammad Ali Yazaghi”, who is known amongst the Christian believers in the north of the country as Stefan, converted to Christianity twenty years ago.

The informed source also told Mohabat News that the leader of the church is likely to be formed on July 4 this year in Mazandaran.

Many families of detainees, especially those facing security and political and conscientious objectors, have long been unable to communicate with their families even after they have been arrested, and they have been allowed to do so. You cannot use the right to have a lawyer.

Many prisoners have been in solitary confinement for months, which is an example of “mental torture”, where they are interrogated and then brought to court. In recent years, however, the Islamic Revolutionary Courts have issued massive sentences for Christians.

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