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ICC Note: A Christian girl and her mother were dragged and beaten for their faith, by people she describes as “Hindu hardliners.” The mother and daughter were put under extreme pressure to renounce their faith and convert to Hinduism, or else leave and never return. In an interview (below) she discusses how the attack impacted her and her desire to return to the town where she was attacked and bring the Gospel, motivating her to attend a Bible College.

06/22/2018 India (The Christian Post) A 22-year-old Bible school student from India shared details of a violent attack where she and her mother were dragged and beaten by fellow villagers for their faith.

Bahia told persecution watchdog group Open Doors USA, whose ministry partners have been assisting her, that she had been a Christian for almost seven years.

Despite heavy pressure to convert back to Hinduism, she refused to do so, even though a number of family members gave in.

She described one incident where Hindu hardliners chased her across a bridge, and after she fell and lost consciousness, they dragged her from the stream below and began beating her.

The anger apparently stemmed from an incident where a woman in the village passed away, and for an unexplained reason the Christians were blamed for it and chased out

“We were verbally abused, and the leaders of our village held a lot of meetings about us. But we didn’t see the violence coming. It was one week after we had returned to the village. It happened so suddenly,” Bahia recalled.

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During the assault, she said that she held on to her Bible as men and women beat her with their hands.

When she asked them why they were beating her, the attackers said:

“You are a Christian! You have to go. This is not your home.”

The young woman was beaten so badly that she started to bleed, and even though she held on to the Bible and protected it for as long as she could, one of the attackers finally pulled it away from her, vowing to burn the holy book.

“They dragged her away. While they pulled her through the village, a picture surfaced in her mind: an image of Jesus being pushed and kicked towards Calvary,” Open Doors wrote, describing the incident.

Bahia later woke up in the forest after she regained consciousness to find that her mother, one of the other 20 Christians in the village, had also been beaten, but had managed to bring her to safety.

She said that the Christians contacted the police over the incident, but were simply told they should try to live in peace with the Hindus.

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