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ICC Note: Iran’s Basij, a branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, stands accused of gang-raping 41 women in the area of Iranshahr. These women belonged to a religious minority group (Sunni Islam). Because Christians are forced to live in secret isolation and are more heavily targeted by the regime, these kinds of cases are indicators of the severe mistreatment that Christians face. The regime is able to abuse religious minority groups with impunity, stories which often never leave the country due to heavy censorship.     

06/22/2018 Iran (Balochistan Post) – Hundreds of women activists took on the streets in Iranian Balochistan to protest against the unprecedented ‘rape of forty-one Baloch women’.

According to details received by the Balochistan post, the rapes took place in Iran-Shahr, one of the major cities of Sistan-Balochistan province.

The accused culprit who is an officer in the Iranian Basij force has been accused of raping 41 Baloch women over the period of time. He then used his influence and power to keep the women silent.

When the news broke out, our reporter contacted locals in Iran-Shahr, and talked with a female activist. TBP is hiding her identity as per her request.

“The man is using his influence and money to manipulate media and people in the government, and women are afraid to file cases against him, even the state is not responding to the incident responsibly”, said the activist.

According to Iranian media, the prosecutor general has denied the incident, and he has warned the local religious scholars to avoid using speakers of the mosque and wait for the investigation.

People around the world are condemning the incident. The Baloch circles are particularly angry over the incident, which has left everyone in shock.

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