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ICC Note: According to National Police Chief of Indonesia Tito Karnavian, Jakarta Security Forces have arrested 41 suspected terrorists after the suicide bombings in Surabaya and Sidoargo last May. Four others were killed during counter-terrorism operations for their resistance to be captured. The final toll of the bombing victims came to death of 14 civilian and injury of more than 40.  

06/01/2018 Indonesia (Asia News) – Jakarta Security Forces have arrested 41 suspected terrorists, linked to a series of bomb attacks in Surabaya, the capital of the province of East Java. Four others were killed during counter-terrorist operations, reported local police chief Tito Karnavian last night to local media, adding that the victims had resisted arrest.

“After the suicide bombings in Surabaya and Sidoarjo on May 13 and 14, we moved quickly and identified the culprits – he said – A suspected terrorist from Probolinggo (East Java) surrendered to the local police because he could not live in peace, as he was always on the run”.

Tito Karnavian also revealed the final toll of the victims of the attacks carried out in Surabaya by two militant families of Jamaah Ansharud Daulah (Jad), a local terrorist group linked to the Islamic State (IS). Attacks on three Christian churches and the local police headquarters have killed 14 civilians and 13 terrorists. Over 40 people were injured.

The police chief stressed that although terrorism has come to involve “entire families, including mothers and children”, the rapid response of the security forces to the attacks should create a “sense of security” among Indonesians.

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