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ICC Note:  Although the country’s economy is suffering greatly, the Iranian regime has presented a budget that will allocate billions of tomans towards Islamic religious and propaganda centers. This has caused further discontent towards the regime among many Iranians, further opening the door for the Gospel message to advance. Many Iranians are weary of living under a harsh Islamic rule and having their religion dictated to them by the government.     

05/27/2018 Iran (Mohabat News) –   According to Mohabat News in Iran, after President Hassan Rouhani presented the proposed budget to Parliament in 1397 (the year 2018), a massive wave of protests has come to a large part in religious and religious institutions.

The budget that the government must pay for dozens and hundreds of Islamic religious and propaganda centers. The following list is only an example of the share of some of these centers:

Islamic propaganda organization: 429 billion Tomans

Encyclopedia of Islamic jurisprudence: 5 billion Tomans (under the supervision of Hashemi Shahroudi)

Imam Khomeini Educational Institute: 28 billion Tomans (under Mesbah Yazdi)

Al-Mustafa Al-Alamieh Society: 305 billion Tomans (under the supervision of Alireza Arafi)

Ayatollah Marashi Library: 7 billion Tomans

Ayatollah Khomeini’s affiliated institutions: 131 billion Tomans (under the supervision of Khomeini grandson, Seyyed Hassan)

Shahid Motahari University: 9 billion Tomans (under the management of Emami Kashani Imam of the Provisional Imam of Tehran)

Another billions of dollars have been spent on seminaries, seminars for famous and forbidding and political centers of thought. For example, the budget of the Political Consultative Organization of the Police is less than the budget of the border guard, which is a police force.

In the budget of 1397, there are not even direct centers for minority budgets

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