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ICC Note: Professor Ying Fuk-tsang has revealed his findings about the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to infiltrate churches and church organizations. His study was based on the investigations of historical documents and articles of the CCP, which detailed plans from underground members in churches.

5/24/2018 China (UCA News) –  Ying Fuk Tsang, director of the divinity school at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, has long studied historical materials concerning Chinese Communist Party (CCP) underground members in Christian churches.

He recently disclosed how those underground members infiltrated Christian churches and organizations, saying that while they were well concealed, their existence was widespread.

On May 7, Professor Ying detailed his study at a seminar, jointly held by the Christian Study Center on Chinese Religion and Culture (CSCCRC) and the Center for Christian Studies of Hong Kong Chinese University. The title was “Christian and Communist in-between: unmasking concealed identities of Christians who were CCP’s underground members as well.”

His study was based on investigation of a large number of CCP historical documents and articles, which dealt with the organization of CCP underground members in churches.

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