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ICC Note: The Archbishop of Karachi, Joseph Coutts, has been nominated to be elevated as the second Pakistani in history to become a cardinal in the Catholic Church. Archbishop Coutts has been known for his work in Pakistan to promote religious harmony and has led a Christian community plagued with intense persecution. Will the elevation of Archbishop Coutts bring greater attention to the persecution of Christians in Pakistan?

05/22/2018 Pakistan (Daily Times) – Archbishop of Karachi Joseph Coutts is set to be elevated as a cardinal by Pope Francis on June 29.

He is only the second Pakistani who has been chosen to be appointed a cardinal among 14 others announced during Pentecost celebrations after the holy mass by Pope Francis on May 20.

Before him Joseph Marie Anthony Cordeiro from Karachi had remained a cardinal until his death in 1994.

A cardinal is a senior ecclesiastical leader, who is considered as the ‘Prince of the Church’ in Catholic Church hierarchy. The primary duty of a cardinal is to elect the Pope when the Holy See is vacant. Cardinals, who roughly number 120, are also responsible for day-to-day governance of the Holy See during the vacant period between the two popes. A cardinal is also responsible for attending meetings in a group or individually with the Pope.

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