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ICC Note: Anti-Conversion laws in India are leading to increased persecution of Christians. These laws are put in place at the local state level and are often left open to interpretation. These laws are being used to stop Christians from spreading the Gospel, and when they try to anyway, they are given harsh punishments.

05/18/2018 India (Mission News Network) – Why Anti-Conversion Laws?

Indian anti-conversion laws are put in place through local state governments. These laws have been part of public discourse since the colonial period, when they were seen as a way to protect national and religious identity in the face of British imperialism. Over the years, these laws continued to serve different purposes, but now they are coming back into popularity.

Anti-conversion laws do not simply discourage interpersonal sharing of faith, they make changing religions illegal. For Christians, this poses a unique problem when faced with Scriptures like the Great Commission.

Nationalist, Religious Pressure

Joe Handley, president of Asian Access, says that while the resurgence of anti-conversion laws may take Western Christians by surprise, religious pressure has been building in India for years.


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