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By Linda Jones

05/17/2018 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Christian women in Pakistan are constantly targeted by radicals who view them as second-class citizens for both their religion and gender.  Cynthia, a 22-year-old Christian woman, experienced such hostility after she was beaten, threatened to convert to Islam, and fired from her job. She and her family had to flee their home after the incident since several Islamic radicals also threatened to persecute them for their religion.

Cynthia lamented, “Being a Christian girl I was facing a lot of challenges and was harassed by Muslims. I suffered a lot and it damaged my entire family. I lost my job which affected me and the family financially as well.”

Soon after the family moved, they began to struggle financially since they had lost their source of income. Cynthia and her parents completed many applications, hoping that at least one of them would find a job, but were unsuccessful in their job hunt.

“Since this incident happened, I was worried for the future of my children. My husband couldn’t bear all these circumstances and died which put us into another danger zone,” shared Stella, Cynthia’s mother.

After International Christian Concern (ICC) learned about Cynthia’s struggle, we decided to provide long-term assistance to the family. While delivering a food package to the family, we interviewed them to determine their needs. Earlier this year, we helped them start a grocery store in their new home that would them to generate a stable income. This small business will help them cover all of their expenses without having to face the hostility they experienced from former employers.

Cynthia and her mother were very grateful for the assistance and expressed their gratitude. Cynthia said, “I heard about ICC and [contacted] the local person in Karachi. Today, I am thankful to ICC team for supporting and uplifting me and extending moral support as well. I appreciate these efforts of assistance. I am sure it will bring encouraging income to us and will ease our life. Thank you ICC.”

Stella added, “However, I consider [the] ICC team as ‘protecting angels’ and special guests sent to us by the Lord Almighty. All this is because of ICC and I thank them and ask blessings for them. I believe that this business will positive change into my family and we would be able to earn and live [a] dignified life. Thank you and God bless ICC.”

Please continue to pray for this family since they are still facing many challenges in a society that discriminates against women, particularly Christian women. Ask God to provide for all of their physical and spiritual needs in such a difficult season without their father and husband. Pray for the success of their business and for God to continue to protect them.

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