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ICC Note: Four non-Muslim Kenyans were again killed in Mandera, Kenya, by al-shabaab. This has been all too common over the past several years. There have been many attacks on Christian quarry workers in North Eastern Nigeria.

05/11/2018 Kenya (World Watch Monitor) – Four Kenyans – said to be “non-Muslims” – were killed last week (4 May) in an attack on a quarry in the northern town of Mandera. The authorities suspect the assailants were members of Islamist group Al-Shabaab.

Mandera borders Somalia, where Al-Shabaab is based, and was the site of the 2014 slaughter of 36 quarry workers by the group. All of those victims were believed to be Christian – many of them from the predominantly Christian south.

The victims of this latest attack, who were shot and hacked to death, are also believed to have been non-Muslims said the BBC.

“We cannot say for sure that those killed were dedicated Christians who had died for their faith in Christ – they probably weren’t,” said a spokesperson for the religious-freedom charity Open Doors International. “But they may have been targeted because they were non-locals (from down-Kenyan tribes) and therefore assumed to be Christians.”


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