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By Linda Jones

05/10/2018 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – On November 13, 2016, four Islamic terrorists carried out a bombing against Samarinda Church in Indonesia. Four children from the church suffered severe injuries and a 2-year-old child died during the attack. Thankfully, the church received an outpouring of support from various entities after the attack, including the government which covered some of the medical expenses of the victims. Even though it has been almost two years since the attack, the children still feel vulnerable and the church as a whole is still trying to recover emotionally and spiritually.

“I remember the time after the incident. The children didn’t want to attend Sunday School. The parents said that so many police would come to protect them, so the kids had a little bit of courage. But, when the kids could not find the police around them, they started crying and got scared. It has become better right now though,” shared Pastor Paraninangi

After learning about the situation at Samarinda Church, ICC decided to reflect God’s love and support to them. With the help of generous donors, ICC was able to sponsor an Easter program for the children at Samarinda Church to encourage them and remind them of God’s grace.  Through this program, we were able to purchase gifts for each of the children, fund various recreational and learning activities, and prepare a special program with refreshments for them to enjoy. Many of these children were fearful to visit the church since they continue to struggle emotionally as a result of the attack. Therefore, when we implemented this project, ICC and the church leaders made sure to convey a message of hope, unity, and peace for the children.

“I’m glad to know that so many people are praying for us and giving their love. These children need some consoling in their lives, and your organization answers their needs,” shared Marsyana, the mother of one of the children injured during the attack.

Many of the children and their parents expressed their gratitude, as they could see that God is in control of everything that happens and how He uses certain events to bring His people together and closer to Him.

“We thank ICC for this present that you gave to the kids. We pray that your ministry will continue to exist and help people who are in need. Pray for us so we can face the days ahead. We believe that God will never leave us alone. He is faithful. Through an accident, I encounter God. I have a personal experience with God and it strengthens me in all my ways. He is good all the time,” expressed Sarina, mother of a young girl who suffered severe burns in the attack.

Please continue to pray for the spiritual needs of the church as they recover from this traumatic event. Remember to also pray for the affected children who still need medical attention, but cannot afford it. Ask God to provide for the well-being of the children in the church as they represent the future generation of Christians in Indonesia.

For interviews with Gina Goh, Regional Manager, please contact Olivia Miller, Communications Coordinator: [email protected]