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ICC Note: The mother of a Nigerian Christian schoolgirl who was abducted by Boko Haram, shares how proud she was of that fact that her daughter did not renounce her faith. She recalled the dread and the pain that she endured the night of the attack and kidnapping, but she has been finding courage through the prayers of Christians all over the world. She has hope that people will come to know Christ through the whole process until Leah returns home safely.

05/04/2018 Nigeria (The Christian Post) – The mother of a Nigerian Christian schoolgirl who has been kidnapped by Islamic radical group Boko Haram has said that she is proud of her daughter for not denouncing Jesus, while a classmate shared hopes that God might use her to turn her attackers to Christ.

“I am so proud of my Leah because she did not denounce Christ,” the mother, Rebecca Sharibu, said of her daughter, 15-year-old Leah, in an article posted by Open Doors USA last week.

“And because of that, I know God will never forsake her. When she went away to school, I gave her a copy of the Bible so she could have her personal devotions even when I am not there. As her mother, I know her to be an obedient daughter, respectful and someone who puts others before herself.”

Leah was one of over 100 schoolgirls kidnapped from a secondary school in the town of Dapchi during a Boko Haram raid in February. While all of the other schoolgirls have been freed, she remains the lone student still in captivity.

What is more, testimonies have emerged revealing that Leah was offered her freedom by the radicals if she denounced her faith, but she has refused to do so.

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