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ICC Note: Australian Sister Patricia Fox is due to be deported by May 25 after Philippine President Duterte accused her of political activism against him. She still hopes that the order can be revoked, but if not, having served the country for nearly three decades, she vows to return to resume her work.  

05/01/2018 Philippines (PhilStar) – She spent decades helping the Philippines’ poorest people, but Australian nun Patricia Fox is fighting deportation after drawing President Rodrigo Duterte’s ire — and says she will try to return even if expelled.

The 71-year-old Melbourne native is due to be kicked out of the country by May 25 after Duterte personally accused her of political activism that violates the rules of her visa.

Fox was singled out as Manila cracks down on foreign critics on its soil, where the president’s deadly anti-drug war has provoked a storm of international condemnation.

The government deportation order against her sparked outrage from rights advocates and the religious community, but authorities are pressing ahead.

“I’m still hoping that somehow something will happen (to stop the expulsion),” she told AFP in Manila.

Even if her appeal fails, Fox said she would still like to return and resume her work in the nation that has been home since 1990.

“If I can come back as a tourist I’ll try and come back,” she said. “This is my life.”

She landed in the Philippines as a member of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion, a congregation of nuns founded in France in 1847 and famed for harbouring Jews fleeing from Nazi persecution in World War II.

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