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ICC Note: The UNHCR has reiterated its call for Cameroon to stop deporting Nigerian refugees back to Borno State. Cameroon has in the past month deported over 300 Nigerians back to the state where Boko Haram is still most active and dangerous.

04/27/2018 Cameroon (World Watch Monitor) – Since the beginning of this year Cameroon has deported 385 Nigerians, the majority of them this month, says the UNHCR according to international broadcaster VOA.

They return to areas where Boko Haram insurgents, whom they fled, are still active and where there is famine, described by the UN as the “greatest crisis on the continent”.

So far Cameroon has received more than 87,000 Nigerian refugees, according to the UNHCR. Spokesman for West Africa Romain Desclous, however, expressed his concern about an “unsettling pattern of forced returns”. One of the groups who were deported in April had only arrived two days earlier, he said.

While the refugee agency acknowledges the generosity of Cameroon and recognises its security concerns, Desclous said, it has asked the country to honour its obligations under international and regional refugee-protection instruments, as well as its domestic law.

Last year World Watch Monitor reported about the involuntary return of refugees to Nigeria’s unsafe areas.


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