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ICC Note: Eritrea continues to be one of the main countries refugees flee in the world. It is due to the government’s extremely repressive rules and laws that has created this environment. Roughly ten percent of the country has fled since 2000.

04/25/2018 Eritrea (World Watch Monitor) – “State-sponsored repression” is the reason Eritrea is one of the world’s main sources of refugees, a US human rights commission has heard.

The East African country is not at war, nor does it suffer from terrorism, but some estimate that as many as 10 per cent of Eritreans have fled the country since the turn of the millennium, finding refuge in neighbouring countries or crossing the Mediterranean in search of safety in Europe and beyond.

Over 1,500 Eritreans arrived in Italy in the past three months alone, said Randy Hultgren, M.C., co-chairman of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, last week (18 April) during a hearing titled, ‘Eritrea: Root Causes of the Refugee Crisis’.


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