North Korean Defector Warns the U.S. Not to Trust Kim Jong-Un

ICC Note: A North Korean defector urges President Trump not to trust North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s words and actions, as Kim is solely trying to find a way out of the dilemmas he’s facing right now – namely hefty international sanctions that have grave impact on the state’s economy. Kim has no regard for human rights and will use his meetings with world leaders to boost his reputation in country.  

04/22/2018 North Korea (Express) – Na Min-hee, who now lives in South Korea, was among hundreds of young performers at a massive parade in Pyongyang in 2010 marking Kim’s debut as heir to his father Kim Jong-il – and she urged Mr Trump not to be taken in.

Her warning came as Kim prepares to travel to the Demilitarised Zone for a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday which will pave the way for an historic summit with Mr Trump himself, possibly as early as next month.

She said: “I hope Trump does not waver from his previous position on North Korea. The country is not changing.

“I hope he will remember that Kim Jong-un is a criminal violating the human rights of the North Korean people.

“North Korea is a wasteland of human rights and it is so disappointing that Kim is being taken seriously.”

Mr Trump and Kim traded insults for months after the US leader’s 2016 election victory, so it was a major shock when he revealed he was prepared to meet his much-ridiculed counterpart.

However, Na questioned Kim’s sincerity, suggesting that he was simply playing for time as economic pressure increased on his country following the imposition of tough international sanctions.

She explained: “Kim is just trying to find a way out of the dilemmas he’s facing right now.

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