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ICC Note: UCA News translated the document compiled by the national committees of the government-sanctioned China Christian Council and Three-Self Patriotic Movement, titled “the Protestant five-year plan for Chinese Christianity.” The text outlines strategy for Sinicization that will adapt religion to China’s socialist society.

04/20/2018 China (UCA News) – (Translated text below)

                                                     Stated aims

To deepen the establishment of theological thought in the new era, promote harmonious and healthy development of the church, exert a positive role for Christianity and practice core values of socialism. Further, to continuously improve the width and depth of adaptation to the socialist society.

Two Protestant national committees have formulated the “Outline of the Five-year Working Plan for Promoting the Sinicization of Christianity in our Country (2018-2022)” (abbreviated as “Planning Outline” below) in accordance with adherence to steadily fulfilling the requirement for Sinicization.

The Planning Outline aims to clarify the significance, basic context, goals and tasks for the Sinicization of Christianity and to implement concrete measures and institutional protections for the Sinicization of Christianity by focusing on implementation and practical results. This is an important basis for advancing work on the Sinicization of Christianity in the next five years.

The Planning Outline consists of four chapters: general principles, major tasks, key work arrangements and organizing implementation.

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