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ICC Note: five years ago, a church in the capital of Central African Republic was bombed by Seleka forces. The scars and wounds from that day are still apparent among the congregation and on the building itself.  

04/17/2018 CAR (World Watch Monitor) – The rain that has fallen overnight has left a puddle in the church, and the pastor, Rev. Franco Mbaye-Bondoi, is worried that if the walls are not repaired before the heavy rains begin in two months, they may collapse.

The dangerous cracks in the walls are the only signs left of the deadly shelling the church suffered five years ago today.

But members of his congregation, some just toddlers when it happened, also live with the scars of what they suffered that day.

On 13 April 2013, three artillery shells crashed into the Evangelical Church of Brethren, in the Cité Jean 23 area, in Bangui the capital of Central African Republic, killing seven people. Thirty others, including children, were seriously injured. The first shell exploded in the corner where the children gathered for Sunday School.

The shells were fired by Séléka rebels, a coalition of predominantly Muslim rebels that had swept across the country into the capital and overthrown president François Bozizé three weeks earlier.


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