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ICC Note: Thousands of churches have been closed in Rwanda since February, due to “noise pollution and failure to comply with building regulations.” This is may soon take place in Cameroon as well.  

04/10/2018 Rwanda/Cameroon (World Watch Monitor) – Rwanda has closed thousands churches in the country since February for alleged “noise pollution” and failing to comply with building regulations. Now Cameroon – another majority-Christian country – is considering following suit.

The call to shut down some of Cameroon’s Pentecostal churches follows reports of gross misconduct by a number of pastors.

Cameroon has previously enacted similar measures, such as in 2013 when it ordered the closure of dozens of “noisy” churches in an attempt to put an end to what it saw as anarchy among some Christian groups.

Those measures mainly targeted Pentecostal churches that weren’t officially recognised and were engaging in “unhealthy” and “indecent” practices, including “extortion of people in desperate situations”, the Minister of Communications, Issa Tchimora Bakary said at the time.


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