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ICC Note:  Cuba is not allowing NIV Bibles into the country or other modern translations. The government is only allowing the shipment and distribution of older versions close to the English King James Version, like Reina Valera. On paper, the Cuban government lifted its ban on new printed versions of the Bibles in 2015, but they still want to dictate what version circulate in the country.

4/8/2018 Cuba (Christian Today) –  Cuba put an end to its ban on printing new Bibles in 2015, but the Communist government is still not allowing modern translations of the text to enter the country.

According to a recent report from Mission Network News, Christian ministry Biblica has been sending New International Version Bibles to churches in Cuba in their native tongue. However, when the ministry’s partner in Miami sent a shipment containing 17,000 Bibles in 2016, the government prevented its distribution and sent it back to the U.S.

Esteban Fernandez, Biblica’s Area executive director in Latin America, said that the government refuses to allow NIV Bibles to enter the country and will only allow older versions similar to the English King James Version.

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