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 ICC Note:  Many Christians in Iraq celebrated the Assyrian New Year and Easter Holiday last week. The several wars that have taken place in that territory have now united many of the residents in the area, including Muslims and Jews against ISIS.

4/4/2018 Iraq (JPost) – Thousands of Christians celebrated the Assyrian New Year in northern Iraq over the last several days. The celebrations coincided with Easter and brought together groups of Assyrian Christian activists who are seeking to rekindle the flame of their community from the ravages of ISIS.

The Easter Mass at the Saint Mary’s Assyrian Church of the East was attended by hundreds of worshipers on March 31, the same day on which Juliana Taimoorazy, the founder and president of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council and co-founder of a project called “Rise Nineveh,” led members of her group to Mosul to stand on the ruins of Nineveh.

The ancient city and the area around it hold special significance, says Taimoorazy. “There is a lot of meaning to ‘Rise Nineveh.’ It reminds of us Jonah [of the Bible] and Abraham, the father of the three religions. He was the first person who worshiped the one and almighty God.”

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