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ICC Note: One Christian woman, whose husband was killed in December y Fulani attack, has returned to her nearly deserted village. She explains that it is only by leading the way that others might also return. Many christian women in her area have been left as widows, and are finding it hard to provide for their families, especially when they still feel it is unsafe to return home.

04/02/2018 Nigeria (World Watch Monitor) – Shaforon village in north-east Nigeria’s Adamawa state is all but deserted. Residents fled to the bigger cities of Numan and the state capital, Yola, when the village was attacked by Fulani herdsmen in December.

Hanatu Solomon, whose husband died during the attack, is one of the few to have returned. She says she hopes to rebuild her life.

“Leadership is by example,” she told World Watch Monitor during a visit to Shaforon, in the Numan local government area, on 21 March. “l returned so that other women will be encouraged to do the same. We can’t desert our ancestral homes simply because we have been attacked – that will give our enemies victory over us.”

Solomon, 46, is a leader in the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria, and one of few women, and even fewer men, to have come back to the village. She is one of the many women made widows by conflict with the herdsmen.

“When will the killing stop? It is either Boko Haram insurgents or herdsmen killing our people, [who] are mostly Christians,” she said. “Many Christian women have lost their husbands. Our children cannot go to school again when our husbands, the bread winners, have been massacred.”

A mother of five, Solomon says the government seems unwilling to tackle the herdsmen, despite the brutality of their attacks.


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