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ICC Note: An Egyptian Christian teacher was arrested on March 14th and charged with contempt of religion for administering a multiple choice test about the prophet Muhammad in December. The teacher, whose name is Magdy, has had his detention extended for 15 days after his date of arrest. Magdy was teaching at a school in the Beni Suef governorate and was forced to change schools after the test in December.

03/23/2018 Egypt (Christianity Today) – A Christian teacher in Egypt has been charged with contempt of religion after posing a series of questions about the prophet Muhammad in a multiple choice test.

Magdy Farag Samir, 49, was arrested on March 14 and his detention has been extended to 15 days after being charged following the incident which took place in December, according to World Watch Monitor.

He was forced to change schools at the time but now parents at the original school have filed a complaint against him to the governorate’s Directorate of Education, according to the persecution watchdog.

A human rights activist who did not wish to be named told WWM: ‘The revolution of June 2013 was supposed to get rid of the religious regime.

‘But this has not been achieved so far. Many Copts are being charged with contempt of religion and jailed for nothing…because the revolution dropped the Muslim Brotherhood but left their ideology unchanged.’

He added: ‘Egypt’s law of contempt of religion only applies to one side – Islam.

‘Crimes of contempt in Egypt only refer to contempt of Islam.’

A relative of Samir, who also did not wish to be named, said: ‘The students and their parents considered this as an insult to the prophet Muhammad and Islam.’

He added: ‘But Magdy didn’t mean any kind of insult, he did that just to facilitate the right answers to the two questions.’

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