Christian Victims of Pakistan Terror Attacks Remembered

ICC Note:  Last week family members and friends commemorated their loved ones who died as martyrs during a 2015 attack on a church in Youhanabad. Families and fellow congregants continue to grieve for the 15 victims killed by suicide bombers.

3/20/2018 Pakistan (UCA News) – To mark the third anniversary of terrorist attacks on two churches in Lahore when suicide bombers attacked Sunday worshippers, families of the 15 Christian victims gathered to commemorate their loved ones.

Women broke down while speaking during the March 15 thanksgiving prayers for the martyrs at St. John’s Catholic Church and Christ Church.

Church security volunteers checked visitors who offered bouquets and lit candles at the altars. Prayers were also offered for 42 Christians jailed for lynching two suspected terrorists in riots after the attacks. Two of them died in prison.

“The memories of martyrs freshen and strengthen our faith,” stated banners displayed in markets in the Youhanabad area of Lahore.

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