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ICC Note: Nigerian Air Force unexploded bombs were found in a town where at least 35 Christians were killed by the military actions. This adds to the concern that there may be more deaths caused by the militaries actions, because many of these weapons may still be dangerous and unfound.

03/18/2018 Nigeria (World Watch Monitor) – Three months after at least 35 deaths were attributed to the Nigerian Air Force following its bombardment of six Christian communities in north-eastern Adamawa State, community leaders have expressed concern at the discovery of unexploded bombs.

The bombs were found in the village of Shaforon and community leaders say they are concerned that more may be buried within their villages, which could pose a lethal threat to farmers if undetected.

“It is important that steps are taken to conduct [an aerial survey of these communities and identify where the remnants of the bombs are and safety evacuate and detonate them,” one of the community leaders, Prof. Wonotazakan Tagowa, said at a press conference on Wednesday, 14 March, which World Watch Monitor attended.

“Our communities are farming communities and they may step on these things and be killed by them,” he added. “We have found some before and have reported to the relevant authorities, who came and detonated them.”


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