Pakistani Mother Prays for Release of ‘Blasphemer’ Son

ICC Note:  A Christian family continues to pray for the release of their son who was falsely accused of blasphemy in Pakistan and is now facing a death sentence. Several Christians are constantly accused and sentenced for blasphemy charges without probable cause in Pakistan.

3/16/2018 Pakistan (UCA News) –   Two defunct CCTV cameras still hang lifelessly at the entrance to Lahore’s Joseph Colony neighborhood five years after an arson attack by a mob of thousands following allegations of blasphemy.

The rebuilt house of Sawan Masih, 30, convicted of using derogatory remarks against the Prophet Muhammad in a row with a Muslim friend, is located at the front of the Christian area in the Pakistani city.

The father of three is in Central Jail Faisalabad awaiting an appeal against a death sentence passed in 2014.

His mother, Billo Bibi, 50, visits Masih every month with her daughters.

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