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ICC Note: The town of al-Suqaylabiyah is an Eastern Orthodox city who has yet again become the target of rockets and bombs. Syrian Christians are often caught in the middle of warring factions. If they are unable to flee, the options which remain are limited and less than safe. The Christians who remain in al-Suqaylabiyah are in great need of prayer as they weather this new onslaught of hostilities.

03/12/2018 Syria (AMN) – On Saturday, rebels linked to the Free Syrian Army unleashed a salvo of rocket fire at the predominately Christian town of As-Suqaylabiyah in Hama province’s northwestern countryside.

Militant forces in Hama province frequently attack As-Suqaylabiyah and sometimes the nearby Alawite-majority town of Tal Salhab with rocket fire. According to their own account, the rebels were targeting ‘regime positions’ at As-Suqaylabiyah.

Russian warplanes and Syrian Army artillery normally responds to attacks on As-Suqaylabiyah by bombarding the insurgent stronghold towns of Al-Latamenah and or Kafr Zita (also in northern Hama) within 24 hours.

To this end, rebel sources in Kafr Zita reported around midnight on Sunday that Russian airpower bombed the town with incendiary munitions. Footage of the counter-attack by pro-government forces (captured by militant activists) will likely be released in the hours to come.

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