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ICC Note: Pew Research Centre studied and compared religious hostility around the world. Different factors were considered for the ranking of each country including but not limited to government restrictions, religious groups, harassment of women, and terrorist groups. India was ranked fourth on the list.

3/12/2018 India (Huffington Post) –   India ranked fourth in the world in 2015–after Syria, Nigeria and Iraq–as having the highest social hostilities involving religion, according to research by Pew. India’s ranking worsened sharply since 2014, but was better than in previous years.

Pew Research Centre, an independent non-partisan polling and research organisation, has been publishing its annual Global Restrictions on Religion Report since 2009. For the latest report, it used 18 main sources, including US Department of State reports, reports by UN and other multilateral agencies and reports by international non-governmental groups, to compose two indices–the Government Restrictions Index and the Social Hostilities Index. While the former measures government restrictions on the free practice of religion, the latter looks at hostilities between groups around the issue of religion. In 2015, it ranked 198 countries.

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