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ICC Note: Pakistan’s upper house of Parliament is proposing new changes to their current blasphemy law since it has been abused by many people making false accusations. These false accusations have increased violence in the country taking away the lives of many innocent victims.

3/12/2018 Pakistan (Asia Times) –   Members of Pakistan’s upper house of Parliament proposed changes last week to the country’s draconian blasphemy laws to discourage the rampant lodging of false and fabricated sacrilege cases against people.

The law has been grossly abused with many people lodging false cases to settle personal scores. But in Pakistan alleging that someone has committed blasphemy is a sensitive and risky matter, as it often ends in a mob lynching before the accused is tried in a competent court of law.

A Senate Special Committee on Human Rights suggested that complainants who make baseless allegations of blasphemy should be punished under the same law.

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