Board Overseeing Florida Condo Building Bans Bible Study, Christian Music in Commons Areas

ICC Note: The board that manages a condo building in Florida recently began implementing a policy that bans residents from playing worship music or holding Bible studies in common areas. Residents were also told to remove religious symbols from the property, including crosses that were hung on several residents’ doors. First Liberty has since filed a complaint with the Department of Housing and Urban Development over the matter.

03/08/2018 United States (Christian News Network) – The board overseeing a condominium building in Florida has adopted a resolution that prohibits religious gatherings from being held in the commons areas. A sign has now also been placed on a piano prohibiting residents from playing Christian music.

According to reports, the board of Cambridge House, managed by Gateway Group, recently passed a rule without notice that “Prayers and other religious services, observations, or meetings of any nature shall not occur … in or upon any of the common elements.”

The board also asked that all religious-themed items be removed from the premises, which resulted in several residents of Cambridge House removing the crosses from their doors. Two statues were also removed from the building, and a sign was placed on the lobby piano that read in all capital letters, “ANY AND ALL CHRISTIAN MUSIC IS BANNED!”

One resident, a Seventh Day Adventist lay minister, was issued a letter that informed her that she could no longer hold Bible studies in the social room, one of the commons areas.

“At the board of directors meeting on February 16, 2018, the attached resolution was adopted. The result of this resolution prohibits Bible study meetings in the social room effective [immediately],” the letter read.

Now, the religious liberties organization First Liberty has filed a complaint with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and is asking for Secretary Ben Carson to rectify the matter.

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