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ICC Note: Since the revised religious regulations came into effect on February 1 in China, house churches in Henan province have faced worsening persecution, from gangs breaking into churches, churchgoers and pastors detained by unidentified men, to vandalism at Christian’s house.

03/07/2018 China (China Aid) – Persecution against underground Christians in China’s central Henan province has increased greatly since the implementation of China’s revised Religious Affairs Regulations on Feb. 1.

According to local Christians in Luoyang, Henan, officials in the area have hired local gangs to break into churches and gathering places. In the attacks, they have broken doors and windows, as well as confiscated seats and religious books. Additionally, large numbers of church attendees and pastors have been kidnapped and detained by unidentified men while preaching.

In another report, officials demolished a tile in a Christian household that had “Emmanuel” written on it.

“No one dares speak out,” a church member in Shangqiu, Henan said in an interview. “We are afraid of traveling to Luoning county. The local governments in Tanghe, Nanyang, and Zhoukong are suppressing house churches. It feels like another Cultural Revolution.”


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