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ICC Note: North Korean Christians are praying not for a change of leadership, but a change in the hearts of people, for only the Prince of Peace can bring peace to the country. Underground Christians have been praying that their ruthless leader Kim Jong-Un, who has heavily persecuted believers, will come to know Christ one day.

03/07/2018 North Korea (Christians in Pakistan) – Nestled in a country which is worst persecutor of Christians, the believers are determined not to pray for a change in the leadership in the country. In line with an anti-persecution group Release International North Korean Christians never pray for removal of Kim Jung-Un from power. They say that a change in the leader won’t bring peace it is only the Prince of peace who can bring peace in hearts of people.

A partner with the group, Dr Eric Foley, detailed the situation of North Korean Christians saying that: “I have never encountered a North Korean Christian who has prayed for the regime to be overthrown, not once in 15 years. Underground Christians are praying that Kim Jong-Un will come to know Christ.” On the contrary earlier this year, North Korean Christians called for prayers for salvation of their leader Kim Jung-Un.

He said that the Christians know the fact that it is the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ; which can bring peace and not removal of North Korea’s leader. There are about 300,000 Christians in the atheist country. “The main driver of persecution in North Korea is the state. For three generations, everything in the country focused on idolizing the leading Kim family. Christians are seen as hostile elements in society which have to be eradicated,” Open Doors while profiling the country says.

“The North Korean government relentlessly persecutes and punishes religious believers through arrest, torture, imprisonment, and sometimes execution. Once imprisoned, religious believers typically are sent to political prison camps where they are treated with extraordinary cruelty. Based on the North Korean government’s longstanding and continuing record of systematic, ongoing, and egregious violations of freedom of religion or belief, USCIRF again finds that North Korea, also known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), merits designation in 2017 as a “country of particular concern,” or CPC, under the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA),” The United State’s Commission for International Religious Freedom in its annual report of 2017 stated.

“However, the North Korean regime reviles Christianity the most and considers it the biggest threat; it associates that faith with the West, particularly the United States. Through robust surveillance, the regime actively tries to identify and search out Christians practicing their faith in secret and imprisons those it apprehends, often along with their family members even if they are not similarly religious,” USCIRF said.


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