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ICC Note: In its weekly publication, ISIS has called on foreign fighters to intensify attacks against Christian tourists in Egypt. While the publication particularly focused on Christian tourists in Sinai, this directive was not geographically limited. Egypt’s tourist industry has significantly slowed because of terrorist activity, but this will not deter the militants from targeting Christians.

03/01/2018 Egypt (The Express) – Islamic State is urging fanatics to target popular holiday hotspots in Egypt and deliberately target Christian tourists.

They also called on fighters to kidnap foreign tourists to embarrass the Egyptian government and damage the tourism industry.

ISIS made the call in an online weekly publication – Al-Nada – urging operatives to intensify their attacks on Christians across the country.

Egypt’s tourism industry has taken a hammering over the last few years after an increased terror threat.

BTravel to the Egypt largely stopped after a Russian holiday jet was downed in 2015 killing all 224 people on board.

But now, ISIS is trying to destabilise the government ahead of elections next month.

ISIS controls areas of the Sinai region, north of the resort.

Al-Naba, a weekly online publication, has allegedly explicitly threatened attacks on “belligerent” Christians and tourists in Egypt.ut now UK tour operators have begun flying back into the popular Sharm el Sheikh resort.

Middle East monitoring group MEMRI revealed one ISIS supporter in the region wrote on the messaging channel Telegram telling followers to embarrass the Egyptian authorities.

Despite lifting a ban on travel to the area, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office still warns a terror attack in the country is “very likely”.

Guidelines say: “Terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in Egypt.

“The main threat is from extremists linked to Daesh-Sinai. You should avoid crowded places and gatherings, eg, in or around religious sites and during religious festivals.”

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