ICC Builds House for Persecuted Christian Family in Egypt

By Linda Jones

03/01/2018 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Christians in Egypt face constant harassment because they are considered second-class citizens who should not enjoy the same freedoms as their Muslim neighbors. Unfortunately, their status creates many challenges because they are unable to rise to positions of power to make changes, obtain well-paying jobs to properly support their families, or exercise their freedom of religion as a minority group. Many Christians live together in secluded communities for their own safety, but these areas often face severe poverty.

During the summer of 2017, a young Christian boy, Kirolos, and his family lost their home after it suddenly felt apart because of the deteriorating building conditions. They had to create makeshift coverings to protect themselves from the hot sun, rain, and other elements. Furthermore, they did not have a door which created a problem because they no longer had any privacy in the open desert.

Kirolos is one of six children and his parents are no longer able to work because of their health and age. Therefore, Kirolos’ older brother stepped in as the breadwinner of the family and tried to provide for his family through carpentry work. Unfortunately, this was not enough to support everyone and repair the house.

With the help of partners on the ground, ICC was able to rebuild Kirolos’s home last year through the Suffering Wives and Children fund. The construction began last October and finished by early January of this year, right before the Egyptian winter set in.  As word spread among local Christians about Kirolos’ and his family, the construction workers provided a discount on their labor and supplies.

Kirolos and his family were very grateful for God’s provision. Kirolos’ father said, “The Lord is good. We thank Him so much for his great love to us. We did not have a roof to cover us up. We prayed to God and He answered our prayers. God sent you to us to make our dream come true. We didn’t dream that we [would] have a beautiful new home like that. Now we have a very wonderful home, we thank you so much for standing with us and building this beautiful new home for us. May God bless you and your service!”

Kirolos and his family have settled into their new home, but they are still struggling financially with only one source of income. Please pray for God’s provision for this family during this difficult time. Remember to also pray for the health of his parents, as well as the spiritual strength and safety of everyone in the family since they live in a country that constantly persecutes and harasses Christians.

For interviews with Claire Evans, Regional Manager, please contact Olivia Miller, Communications Coordinator: press@persecution.org

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