Religious Education in Schools Key for Peace, Argue Christians in Nigeria

ICC Note: The president of the Christian Association of Nigeria asserts that interreligious education throughout Nigeria’s schools will reduce religiously-motivated violence in the country. He believes that educating students in the history and culture of different religions will create more respectful citizens.

02/28/2018 Nigeria (All Africa) – The Federal Government should introduce inter-religious education at all levels of education to reduce religious violence in the country, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has said.

According to a press statement it issued, this call was made Tuesday by the president of CAN, Samson Ayokunle, in his paper “Interreligious education and common citizenship values” delivered in Vienna, Austria at an Interfaith Seminar organised by KAICIID.

Mr. Ayokunle who traced the incessant religious riots in Nigeria to the absence of History, Civics and Inter-religious Education in schools, called on all religious groups and the government to wake up to their responsibilities in this regard if “religious violence will become history.”

“In those days in Nigeria when we used to study history and civics in primary and secondary schools, basic knowledge of at least Christianity and Islam were taught, but today, when history is no longer taught, Inter-religious education has become more difficult,” he said.

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