Nearly 50,000 Chinese Catholics Baptized in 2017

ICC Note: In spite of religious persecution, the Catholic Church in China registered nearly 50,000 baptisms last year according to a Vatican agency. Hebei province once again has the most baptisms at 11,899. Although the figures may not be accurate given the difficulty of collecting data, they show the vitality of Catholic communities in China. How the Vatican’s pending agreement with Beijing may affect Catholic’s practice of their faith is unknown.

02/23/2018 China (Herald Malaysia) – The Catholic Church in China registered 48,556 baptisms in 2017, reflecting the vitality and missionary strength of the Catholic communities there, according to a report by Fides, the news agency of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.

The figures are likely incomplete, however, given the difficulty of procuring data from Catholic communities in the rural parts of China, the report said.

But the numbers still “reflect the vitality and the missionary dynamism of a community that fully lives faith,” said the organisation conducting the annual survey: the Faith Institute for Cultural Studies, a church-run organisation based in Shijiazhuang. Fides republished the organisation’s findings on February 15.

The province of Hebei – which consistently has the highest number of baptisms each year of all the Chinese provinces – topped the list again with 11,899, the report said. The Archdiocese of Beijing registered 1,099 baptisms, while the Diocese of Ningxia had 128 new Catholics baptised. China’s northwest autonomous region of Xinjiang, where the majority of the population is Muslim, registered 66 baptisms. The Qinghai province had 54 baptisms, and isolated communities such as Hainan Island in southern China and Tibet had 38 and 11 baptisms, respectively.

“In spite of the encouraging figures and the great missionary commitment in local communities throughout China, we must always feel called to a renewed missionary commitment,” said the Faith Institute for Cultural Studies.

“Evangelisation in China is a long and difficult path to carry out,” it said. The organisation also pointed out that its data represented “an invitation and a call because we must strengthen our faith and always go forward on our journey toward Christ.”

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