Film About Al-Shabaab Attack on Christians Nominated to Oscar

 ICC Note:

On December 25th, 2015 Al-Shabaab militants attacked a bus in Kenya that was heading from Nairobi to Mandera. The radicals were planning on killing all the Christians in the bus, but many of the Muslim passengers stood up to defend them. The film “Watu Wote” was inspired on such event and is now being nominated to an Oscar.

2/23/2018 Kenya  (Business Daily Africa) –  Lupita Nyong’o isn’t the only Kenyan acquainted with Oscar-winning potential.

It was just a month ago that the German-Kenyan film ‘Watu Wote’ was nominated for Best Live Action Short Film by the American Film Academy.

The film’s producer Tobias Rosen and director Katja Benrath are both Germans from the Hamburg Film School. They heard about the Al-Shabaab attack on a bus in northern Kenya that was foiled when one Muslim man on the bus refused to disclose identities of Christians, thus saving many lives.

That act of heroism and humanity inspired them to come to Kenya, link up with Lightbox Film and Ginger Ink and create a heart-wrenching film that might again earn Kenyans an Academy award.

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