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By Linda Jones

02/22/2018 Washington, DC (International Christian Concern) – Last year was one of the most traumatic ones for Christians in India after 736 hate crimes were reported and verified by the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI). There seems to be a trend with the attacks on Christians as Hindu radicals often falsely accuse them of serious crimes in order to portray them as a threat to the community and the state. Christians also face hostility and harassment from some of their neighbors who constantly instigate conflict because they want them to convert or move out of their communities.

Several hate crimes against Christians have taken place in India’s Chhattisgarh state. Asharam, a Christian living in Javanga village, was forced to leave his home along with his wife and three children by Hindu radicals. The first encounter with the radicals took place on January 3, 2018 when a group of villagers came to Asharam’s house, stating that they urgently needed to speak with him. As soon as he left his house, the men brutally beat him and left him bleeding on the floor. Asharam was then rushed to a nearby hospital and miraculously survived the attack. He later went to the police to report the incident, but the officer on duty refused to listen to him because he was a Christian.

Asharam has previously received several threats from the Hindu radicals in his community. They threatened him with severe consequences if he continued going to church. Asharam recalled them telling him, “Don’t stay here – get out of this area, or we will burn your family alive and your house down.”

Thanks to the assistance of generous donors, ICC was able to provide assistance to Asharam and his family. Asharam had to move with his family and he is not able to provide for them since he is still injured from the attack. Therefore, ICC provided the family with food, clothing, medicine, and blankets during this critical situation.

The beneficiaries were very grateful for the assistance. Asharam said, God helped me in the days of my trouble as He promised in Psalm 46:1, through ICC. God bless this organization abundantly that it may help people like me who are persecuted for Christ’s sake.”

Even though we were able to help this family, there are still many unreported cases of persecution against Christians in India. Therefore, please pray for Christians in India as they continue to be harassed by Hindu radicals. Also, continue to pray for Asharam and his family, so that God can provide a new home and a new job for Asharam to provide for his family. Ask God to use Asharam for His glory and as a testimony to others.